The LUTL Recipe: Ingredient Ten – Visualize and Believe

visualize and believe The tenth ‪#‎LightUpTheLOVE‬ ingredient is focused on you and your best ‪#‎LUTL‬ life: “Visualize and Believe.” If you don’t first allow yourself to see it, then how will you recognize it when it comes?

To see, feel and believe in your life’s desires, however big or small, will help manifest them back to you at the right time. Practice visualization. Focus less on HOW and more on HOW GOOD it will feel.

Life surprises us all of the time by giving us what we want, but it’s not always how we expect to receive it. Practice feeling appreciation for what you want ahead of it actually appearing in your life. It is a very powerful approach.

And here’s an extra trick. Do your very best not to focus on what you don’t want or don’t yet have. Likes attract likes!

Shine Light and Love everyday,
Your LUTL Team

Photo credit: Michael Hull