August 26, 2015


A Letter From the Founder

I’d like to share my inspiration for creating the “Light Up The LOVE” Global Movement.  I recently celebrated 50 years of life experience in this world and I am very thankful for all the learnings and Love that I’ve received.  Love is the one superpower that we can all access and it does not cost a thing.  I believe that Love is the best teacher and healer in this world.

And it’s like the song says, “What The World Needs Now Is Love.”

For all of my adult life, I’ve had a nightly ritual of lighting a few candles in my home.  For me, it creates a very peaceful, good-feeling, and relaxing atmosphere.  One recent evening I turned on the TV and began to light candles.  I turned my attention to the TV – a news story about the outbreak of violence in a major city here in the United States.

I thought to myself, “I wish those people would light up the Love!” lightbulb heart icon light up the love

I repeated the phrase “light up the Love” to myself several times and I felt the energy get stronger and stronger within me.  At that moment, I knew I was being inspired to take the action needed to start a global movement to help the world “Light Up The LOVE.”

I received daily confirmations from the universe that I was fulfilling my purpose more than ever before.  Friends and family were all becoming part of the collaborative team that was making the LUTL Movement a reality.  I believe a movement is about PEOPLE giving their time and effort because they are passionate about a cause.  And right now, there is such a strong wave of Love momentum sweeping across our planet!

And I believe by teaching and being Love, we can inspire it always. 

My intent each day is to be the best example of Love to myself and everyone and everything I connect with.  For me, it’s the right thing to do and it always feels good.  I believe we are all born with nothing but unconditional Love in our hearts.  Love and belonging form connections that everyone wants in their life.

I want the LUTL Movement to inspire everyone to always Light Up The LOVE for themselves and others everyday. There are countless ways to LUTL…you get to choose the ways that feel good and resonate with you!

All you have to say to yourself is “How can I Light Up The LOVE in this moment?” 

And I promise, the answer will always come to you.  Thank you for choosing to join the LUTL Movement!

With Much Love and Appreciation,


lightbulb heart icon light up the love

If you would like to collaborate with Light Up The LOVE and for all media inquiries, please email us at [email protected].