About Light up the love

Our Mission: To remind and inspire everyone to be love in all forms, every moment of every day.

The Light Up The LOVE ™ global movement was created to inspire acts of Love, Peace and Unity around the world.  Love is the one superpower that we can all access and is always the best teacher and healer. LUTL is an empowering way of life and always a great call-to-action. 

It is simply a choice! 

A small act of Love for yourself or for others will help you to feel the positive energy flow.  What you give out always comes back to you. 

If you want a LUTL life, just be it.

You will attract it always...we promise!  The LUTL movement is making a difference by creating a strong momentum of LOVE in the world.  By joining the movement, you are taking action to make the world a more loving place for all of us to live. 

The LUTL App is our visual representation of the feeling you get when you act with love. So, join us and Light Up The LOVE today!

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A Light Up The LOVE™ Ambassador is simply someone that chooses to proudly support and share the mission of the movement by asking themselves, “How can I Light Up The LOVE in this moment?” You can do something simple like sending a note of thanks to a friend or as grand as your imagination can take you. We want you to be present and seek ways to Light Up The LOVE everyday!

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