The LUTL Recipe: Ingredient Nine – Thoughts

ingredient nineReady to ‪#‎LightUpTheLOVE‬ today? Let’s get started! The ninth emotional ingredient is “Thoughts.” Think, Say and Do with Thoughts, Words and Actions that make YOU feel good. Thoughts become beliefs and in turn form your perceptions. What might be considered a negative feeling or thought to one person may not be perceived the same for the next.

Imagine a buffet in front of you. You have the choice to select the foods you like. You can do the same thing with your thoughts! Choose thoughts that make you smile and feel good. This will in turn form positive beliefs and the ability to perceive any situation as a lesson, gift or positive experience, all creating momentum toward a ‪#‎LUTL‬ life!

Shine Light and Love everyday,
Your LUTL Team
Photo credit: Rodion Kutsaev