The LUTL Recipe: Ingredient Eight – Choose the Path of Least Resistance

light up the loveHow can you ‪#‎LUTL‬ today? The eighth ingredient to Living a #LUTL Life is “Choosing The Path of Least Resistance.” If you’re feeling negative emotional momentum, on the inside or outside of any situation, this could mean the presence of resistant thoughts or actions.

Translation: You are making choices that are not consistent with what you really want. It’s that little voice inside of you or that gut feeling you keep ignoring. Listen to it and know, you always have a choice! When you choose to ignite a Light Up The LOVE feeling for yourself, taking a path that makes you feel good is the way to go. Follow what gets you excited, warms your heart with joy and brings a smile to your face. You will always feel inspired to make the time and effort needed to achieve your dreams.

What fun #LUTL path are you going to take?

Shine Light and Love everyday,
Your LUTL Team

Photo credit: Elijah Hail