The LUTL Recipe: Ingredient Two – Appreciation!

11800378_1468560906772943_4235533832172054963_nWhat are the ingredients to leading a ‪#‎LUTL‬ life? The second ingredient is “Appreciation.” Appreciate yourself exactly the way you are, appreciate everyone for who they are and appreciate everything for exactly the way it is. The more you appreciate, the better you feel. And a great way to enjoy the feeling of appreciation is to keep a gratitude journal. Each day write at least 3 things you were grateful for and try not to repeat the same thing/s. This is powerful momentum for a LUTL life!

Here at LUTL we appreciate all our LUTL Ambassadors for wanting to make this world a more loving place to live. Remember, you’re never alone…We’re all in this together and together we are making a difference!

Shine Light and Love everyday,

Your LUTL Team

*Photo credit: Mayur Gala