The LUTL Recipe: Ingredient One- Choose!

ingredient one choose to be happyEach week we’re going to share a different emotional ingredient with you on how to live an engaging LUTL life. All of the ingredients just take practice…and PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT.

The first ingredient is “Make the choice to want to feel good & have fun!” This is the single most important ingredient. You have the choice on how you want to feel. Feeling happy comes from within, not from anything or anyone. Choose words, thoughts, a memory or personal mantra (i.e., “everything always works out for me”) that makes you feel good. This allows you to gain momentum towards feeling good. What appears on the outside of your life is a direct reflection of how you’re feeling on the inside. You have the power and control to feel good. When you feel good, the ability to LUTL for yourself and others is easy and creates magical connections. 

Shine Light and Love everyday,

Your LUTL Team