The LUTL Recipe: Ingredient Five – Awareness

light up the love ingredient five awarenessHow can you Light Up The LOVE today? The fifth ingredient in the ‪#‎LightUpTheLOVE‬ recipe is Awareness. When you practice being aware, you are better suited to follow your intuition — that little voice inside of you. Being aware in a moment helps you make the choices and decisions that are right for you. This is empowering. A raised consciousness of “the story” you are telling yourself and others gives you control on how you perceive and experience the world.

Be aware of the emotional feeling in the moment.

If it’s a story that makes you feel bad, ask yourself how can you tell it differently so it feels good. Remember, with awareness comes the ability to always ask yourself, “How can I Light Up The LOVE” in this moment?

Shine Light and Love everyday,

Your ‪#‎LUTL‬ Team

Photo credit: Leigh Kendell